Install Litespeed 5.2 on Windows 2008 Cluster

If you run into any errors (GAC errors or access denied errors) when installing Litespeed (in my case, version 5.2) on a Windows 2008 Cluster, here are the steps to get the install working correctly. 

Note, if you’re doing an install on an active\active cluster, only do one cluster at a time.  This will not work for installing on both clusters at once. 

  • Add the computer account to the administrators’s group of the current computer to the 2nd node in the cluster.  For example, Node1 = Yoda, Node2 = Luke.  If you’re installing on Yoda, go to Luke and add the Yoda node to it.  If the name is not resolving, you forgot to add computers to the object types.


  • If this is an active\active cluster, copy the install to the other node, copy the current computer account over to the other node, and do the install again, except reference the cluster where litespeed has not been installed on yet.

I did this on an active\active cluster and each node had only 1 cluster on it when doing the install, and it worked for me.  Don’t forget, do NOT do both nodes at once.  Even if you add both computer accounts to their opposite nodes, it still will not work (at least in my case it didn’t). 

One final note, don’t forget to remove the computers from the administrators groups on the machines.

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