Create windows service using powershell

Shamelessly pilfered from The Powershell Guy.  I’ve used it before with no issue, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have one.  Use at your own risk.

$computer = "." # this computer
$class = "Win32_Service"
$method = "Create"
$mc = [wmiclass]"\\$computer\ROOT\CIMV2:$class"
$inparams = $mc.PSBase.GetMethodParameters($method)
$inparams.DesktopInteract = $false
$inparams.DisplayName = "WebDirs Trigger Command"
$inparams.ErrorControl = 0
$inparams.LoadOrderGroup = $null
$inparams.LoadOrderGroupDependencies = $null
$inparams.Name = "Service Name"  #
$inparams.PathName = "Path to .exe"
$inparams.ServiceDependencies = $null
$inparams.ServiceType = 16
$inparams.StartMode = "Automatic"
$inparams.StartName = $null # will start as localsystem builtin if null
$inparams.StartPassword = $null

$result = $mc.PSBase.InvokeMethod($method,$inparams,$null)
$result | Format-List

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