Remove Sql Login using Powershell

Quick script to remove a login from sql server using powershell.  This will iterate through the databases and the users in said databases to remove the users from them before dropping the login itself.  This uses sqlpsx.  Use at your own risk.

Import-Module SqlServer
$srv = "ServerInstance"
$loginName = "LoginName"

$login = Get-SqlLogin -sqlserver $srv | where{$_.Name -eq $loginName}
if($login -eq $null)

$dbs = Get-SqlDatabase -sqlserver $srv -force
foreach($db in $dbs)
	$logins = $db.EnumLoginMappings();
	foreach($dbLogin in $logins)
		#Write-Host $dbLogin.LoginName
		if($dbLogin.LoginName -eq $loginName)
			Remove-SqlUser -dbname $db.Name -sqlserver $srv -name $dbLogin.LoginName
Remove-SqlLogin -sqlserver $srv -name $loginName

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