Get Login info using Get-SqlConnection

Quick post for someone on twitter on how to get login information using sqlpsxs’ Get-SqlConnection.  It appears that all you need is a sql login with public server role in order to list the logins on the server.  The only role that this login was in was the public role on the server.  Nothing else.

In order to get the Get-SqlLogins’ –sqlserver I passed in the ServerInstance from the Get-SqlConnection.  You could probably pipe this as Get-SqlLogin –sqlserver $(Get-SqlConnection –…) as well.

Import-Module SqlServer

$slqcn = Get-SqlConnection -sqlserver "YourServerName" -username "LoginName" -password "P@$$w0r9_123"
Get-SqlLogin -sqlserver $slqcn.ServerInstance | SELECT Name, LoginType, Language, IsSystemObject, CreateDate, DefaultDatabase | Format-Table -AutoSize

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