Collect Perfmon Data via Powershell

Quick script to collection permon data via powershell.  This will continuously spit out just the physical disk stats to a csv file (max 1GB) every 10 seconds.  Use at your own risk.  Barely tested.

function Get-PhysicalDisk{

    $outputs = @();
    $1GB = 1GB

    if(Test-Path $FileName){
        Remove-Item $FileName -Force

    $physDiskCounters = Get-Counter -ComputerName $ComputerName -ListSet PhysicalDisk 
    Get-Counter -ComputerName $ComputerName -Counter $physDiskCounters.Paths -Continuous -SampleInterval 10 | Export-Counter -Path $FileName -FileFormat "CSV" -Circular -MaxSize $1GB -Force


I usually start this in a job on multiple servers via the Start-Job cmdlet so it will run in the background like so:

gc -Path C:\Servers.txt | %{
    $srvName = $_
    $fileName = "c:\Test\$($srvName)_PhysicalDisk.csv"

    $job = Start-Job {
        . "C:\PathToGetPhysicalDiskFile\Get-PhysicalDisk.ps1"
        Get-PhysicalDisk $compName $fName
    } -ArgumentList @($srvName, $fileName)

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