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January 21, 2016


Add Domain User to Local Admin Group via DSC

by Scott Newman

Toying with DSC.  Here is some code to add a user to a local administrators group via DSC.  Use at your own risk.  Marginally tested (works on my machine…).


configuration UserConfig{

    Import-DscResource -ModuleName PSDesiredStateConfiguration    

    node $AllNodes.NodeName{

        Group Admin{
            GroupName = 'Administrators'
            Ensure = 'Present'
            #PsDscRunAsCredential = $mycreds
            Credential = $DomainCredential
            Members = @('domainname\username')


$configData = @{
    AllNodes = @(
            NodeName = 'SEAPR1DBBAT046'
            PSDscAllowPlainTextPassword = $true
            PSDscAllowDomainUser = $true

$cred = Get-Credential -UserName domain\user -Message "Password please"
UserConfig -DomainCredential $cred -ConfigurationData $configData
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  1. You should use MembersToInclude rather than Members. By using Members you will remove any other users in your Administrators group not listed in your configuration. By using MembersToInclude, you’ll only add the users listed.

    • Jul 2 2017

      Good tip. I’ll drop it in. I’ve not touched dsc since this post I think.


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