Powershell Central Management Server Recursive Server List

I had a need to recursively iterate my Central Management Server, yet always return the topmost GroupName.  The function takes an array of strings to return that correlate to the names of the first level groups.  Use at your own risk.

#requires -Module SqlPS 
#requires -Version 5

Import-Module SqlPS -DisableNameChecking

function Get-CMSServers{
        [string[]]$CMSGroup = @('Group1', 'Group2')  #default groups...

    function Get-RegisteredServers{  

        $ServerGroup.RegisteredServers | %{
                ServerName = $_.ServerName
                GroupName = $ParentGroup 
                GroupDescription = $_.Description 
                ParentName = $ServerGroup.Name
            }) | Out-Null

        if($ServerGroup.ServerGroups.Count -gt 0){
            $ServerGroup.ServerGroups | %{
                Get-RegisteredServers -ServerGroup $_ -ParentGroup $ParentGroup

    $objects = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList
    Set-Variable -Name objects -Option AllScope


        $srvConn = New-Object Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common.ServerConnection "ServerName"
        $ServerStore = New-Object Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.RegisteredServers.RegisteredServersStore $srvConn
        $ServerStore.DatabaseEngineServerGroup.ServerGroups | where{$_.Name -in $CMSGroup} | %{
            Get-RegisteredServers -ServerGroup $_ -ParentGroup $_.Name 

        return $objects;
        $_ | fl -Force


Get-CMSServers -CMSGroup @('Production', 'Reporting')

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