Powershell & Sql Server Single User Mode

Sometimes (nigh, always) when you have to start a sql server in single user mode (the ‘/m’ after the net start…), executing queries in the sqlcmd prompt can be a bit of a painful endeavor.  What I usually do is use powershell to stop the service, then restart the service in single-user mode and grab a serverconnection to it immediately in powershell_ise:

Import-Module SqlPS -DisableNameChecking

Stop-Service -Name "MSSQL`$SQL2012" -Force
net start "MSSQL`$SQL2012" /m
$sqlcmd = New-Object Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common.ServerConnection '.\sql2012'

I can then reference the $sqlcmd object in other tabs in powershell_ise to work in a more pleasant environment:


Notice, I can’t connect in SSMS:


Just a helpful tip.

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